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Our programs

At R.K. Kinder Garten, Our beautiful and modern facilities provide each child with the ability to learn and grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. 

Play Group/Pre Nursery

The program is designed to help a child hone his skills for school. A wide range of activities are conducted to stimulate the mind and inculcate independent behaviour. Children are made aware of basic concepts through play way method.


This program is designed to prepare a child in pre-reading, pre-writing and social skills all one step at a time. Teachers give exposure to more complex activities and inculcate life skills like confidence, communication problem solving etc. Emphasis is laid on will planed activities a which contribute to the achievement so early learning goals.

KG (Prep.)

In the third & fourth year based on demand and space available for each child. Here the child is nurtured within the framework of a designed progress along with focus remains on academic progress along with the honing of skills and talents. Transition from home to school for a child can take time. To make this change easier, we have a specially designed setting zone where we organize interesting activities to keep the atmosphere upbeat for little children.

Other Programs

Our curriculum provides plenty of hands-on learning and high quality teachers prepares the children in our schools for elementary school and for life-long learning.

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